Samsung Galaxy-S series Premium Battery Replacement service (Use Dropdown Menu)

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Battery Replacement Information
Is your Phone not charging? This could be due to a faulty or depleted battery. Bring your Samsung device to CELLULAR GEEKS. Our experts would inspect the battery and replace it if necessary. A phone with no battery is useless. It's obvious that a backup of a year-old phone would never be the same as the new one. The battery's life is reduced as it is used and constantly charged and discharged. There will be a moment when the battery will fail to respond to any type of charging, making your phone dead. This is the point at which your battery must be replaced. CELLULAR GEEKS experts recommend Samsung phone battery replacement.
Battery Replacement Turnaround Times
Repair times are between 5 mins to 2 hours depending on your device.
We use Aftermarket Parts unless requested otherwise. Use and price of refurbished parts is subject to availability.
For mail-in repairs, we will need return shipping label along with the device. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISPLACEMENT OR DAMAGE DURING SHIPPING.
Aftermarket parts are composed of components all produced by companies other than Samsung's exclusive suppliers.