Apple Mac Repair Service MacBook And iMac Diagnostics and Repair Services

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Repair Starting From $99.99
  • Your Mac is running slower than usual
  • Your Mac is freezing or full of popups
  • Your Mac’s parts (keyboard, screen, battery etc.) no longer work
  • You’re tired of dealing with hangs and crashes
  • Your Mac is booting up slowly or not at all

And newer Macs benefit from regular maintenance to keep them working as efficiently as possible. Maybe you’re frustrated because:

  • Your Mac is too slow
  • Your hard drive is getting full
  • Your battery drains quickly
  • Your Mac OS is outdated
  • Your Mac has piles of large and old files
  • You deal with a lot of hangs and crashes

Corrupted or damaged file permissions can cause certain applications to run abnormally or unable to run at all, thus affecting your Mac’s overall performance. Disk errors can lead to all sorts of problems, crashes included. We can look for and fix common disk errors on your computer, help you with upgrading your operating system and cleaning up your hard drive. Then you’ll never have to worry about your usually reliable Mac breaking down unexpectedly during that important client presentation.