BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case For Apple iPhone XS MAX, Purple Lavender (QTY=10)(R14)

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Product description
The Ace Pro cases come in clear or highly transparent TPU lined with the same Unequal technology professional athletes use on the field for impact protection. Ace Pro cases are designed to accentuate the design of the Apple iPhone X Max and iPhone Xs Max and provide slim, lightweight protection. A protective bezel extends beyond the screen to provide added defense for the front of your device.

UNEQUAL IMPACT-ABSORBING TECHNOLOGY: Ace Pro cases harness the same impact-prevention technology used by professional athletes to protect against injury. This “shear thickening” material absorbs the impact of a drop.
LIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTION: Ace Pro cases are available in transparent TPU material. They include a protective bezel extending beyond the screen—providing added defense for the front of your device and preventing scratches.
IMPACT RESISTANT: Unequal material that absorbs and dissipates impact energy is injected into the case.
SLEEK LOW-PROFILE DESIGN: The sleek, low-profile design includes rounded edges, customized for each phone, making it a stylish accessory while protecting your device.

Features & details
LIGHTWEIGHT PROTECTION: Transparent TPU makes the case tough to protect your iPhone Xs Max
UNEQUAL TECHNOLOGY: “shear thickening” materials Kevlar & Accelleron absorb the impact of a drop
SCREEN PROTECTION: Extending past the screen, this case helps protect your screen from scratches
SLEEK AND LOW-PROFILE: Both serious protection for your phone as well as a stylish accessory
BODYGUARDZ ADVANTAGE PROGRAM: One year warranty and other perks