Data Transfer and Computer Backup Service

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Need Effective Data Transfer & Computer Backup services?

We’re the experts in getting your personal information transferred onto new PCs and other devices.

Transfer and Setup: Windows based PCs and Apple Macs

Backup and re-setup new smartphones or tablets.

We live in an age where most electronic devices such as computers, tablets and phones are disposable. Statistically, we are expected to change our home or office PC every 4 years, and according to Deloitte’s, 18% of us look to change our mobile phone almost every year!

With so much of our lives now stored on computers and so much of what we do performed on phones, changing your device isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Even if you plan to start afresh with a new device, chances are there is still data you will need transferred over. However, before you can do that you will need to backup your existing computer or device and make sure the data is ready to transfer to the new one. How do you know you’re doing it correctly? Cellular Geeks takes the guesswork out of computer backups.

Data Backup and Transfer Services

Our Geeks all agree that the biggest risk to your digital life is a loss of your personal information. Data loss from faulty or failed hard drives is a common event and will likely affect every device user at some point in time. Don’t take the risk.

Once our computer tech has transferred all your valuable data, he will provide a user-friendly automatic backup solution to ensure that your data is kept safe and is easily recoverable in times of data disaster!

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