Liquid Damage Repair Service

Regular price $79.99

We can replace and repair all components and parts that are affected by the liquid spill. We find that generally, the type of liquid is either water, coffee, milk soft drink or stormwater. Unfortunately, with any liquid spill, performing only an external clean is never sufficient enough. We guarantee our work by not cutting any corners and not using any cheap parts
Unlike many other repair shops who claim to do it all but outsource 95% of their work, at Cellular Geeks, we complete all repairs in-house, keeping the costs low,  providing a quick turnaround time and reducing your point of contact to a single repair shop. USA wide service available.

We will always advise what’s best for you and your device, if we think that it would be more beneficial for you to purchase a new Computer, we will definitely let you know! 
Some water damage repairs are simple, easy, and effective whilst others will have you seeking a new computer in an instant! 

We use Aftermarket Parts unless requested otherwise. Use and price of refurbished parts is subject to availability.
For mail-in repairs, we will need return shipping label along with the device. WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISPLACEMENT OR DAMAGE DURING SHIPPING.